Meet Our Board

Fred Korman
Fred lost his hearing at the age of 7. He is profoundly deaf. While growing up, Fred has experience first hand the hardships that a deaf person must endure everyday. Fred attended NTID/RIT and completed his degree in Computer Science. Fred made a career change and decided to work with H.E.S. (Hearing Education Services) at the Department of Education in NYC. Fred worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in a mainstream setting. Fred has a B.S. degree in Behavioral Science from Mercy College. After working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children for 18 years, he retired in 2011. Fred now devotes his time and energy with the D.E.A.F organization, by working with movie theater chains to get them to participate in showing open captions and hoping to one day get a law passed that will allow open captions at all movie theaters for the Deaf and HOH community.
Angel Baez
Vice President
I was born 2 months premature. Due to my illness at birth it caused me to be profoundly deaf in both ears. I went to St. Joseph's School for the Deaf for few years and was transferred to mainstream schools with Hearing Education Services. I attended N.T.I.D/R.I.T. during my SVP 1988-2001 for Specialized Educations. Then I went to Lehman H. College from 2001-2005 for Business Administration and I left because the deaf programs were no longer running at Lehman College. However, I went to work for H.E.S. as a TA/ASL instructor for 5 years and now I work for St. Joseph's School for the Deaf as a teacher assistant and ASL instructor for 18 years and counting. It is my passion to do and give back to the deaf community which is about pride, support, enrichment and giving what we can provide for them.
Lois Tamiso
Acting Treasurer
Alan Schussel
Public Relations
Alan Schussel hails from Brooklyn NY but is living in Texas now. He graduated from E. R. Murrow High School then went to NTID before transferring to Gallaudet University and obtaining his BA degree. He moved to Arizona and obtained his MA degree from University of Arizona then Doctor of Health Administration from University of Phoenix. He is an adjunct professor and teaches ASL and Health Administration courses online for Concordia University, Texas. Alan has two adult children living in Tucson, AZ. He is a frequent traveler and has been in every corner of the USA and just recently came back from a six-week journey in Europe. Alan is very active in community services and was appointed to serve as a Commissioner for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from 1995 to 2001. He was also president of Arizona Association of the Deaf from 1998 to 2001. He has served on numerous boards for non-profit agencies. He is in the process of launching a new healthcare business provider. Alan is interested in ensuring that the rights to access communication and facilities are enhanced and maintained.
Steffi Stephan
Steffi Stephan is a novice freelance American Sign Language interpreter currently living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. After graduating from NTID's interpreting program in 2015, she decided to pursue her career closer to her hometown (Rockland County, New York). As a way to be more involved in NYC's Deaf community, she thought a great way to start was to become D.E.A.F.'s person of contact in the Brooklyn area. She is looking forward to continuing her time with the D.E.A.F. team as their secretary. She continues aspiring her goal of being an advocate of the Deaf community with her work as an ASL interpreter and involvement with D.E.A.F. and she hopes these opportunities will help make her mark in NYC's Deaf community.
Lois Tamiso
Hello Members ! My name is Lois Tamiso. I am one of the advisors for this non-profit organization. I am very proud of this organization providing open captioned movies out in NYC/LI area where you all can enjoy watching in public places. Also other special events. If it was not open captioned, we would not enjoy. Good places to socialized and meet other deaf/hard of hearing people. Come and watch open captioned movies with us...